President’s Message

Dear Aligs, Well-Wishers and Friends,

The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations (FAAA) is an apex organization, whose membership comprises of not only independently managed AMU alumni associations in various parts of North America, but also those organizations that believe in the mission and vision of sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the founder of Aligarh Muslim University. It is a non-political, non-profit, tax-exempt, secular organization devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, literary, cultural, and social activities.

The main objectives of FAAA are to promote the following.

a) Closer cooperation and better understanding among member-organizations

b) Closer social and cultural cohesiveness among, student body, alumni, and well-wishers of the University, and the community

c) Interest of the University, its student body, alumni and well -wishers from the community

d) Education amongst the under-privileged communities in India

e) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s vision of education.


FAAA member organizations are running a number of creative programs promoting education in amongst the challenged communities in India and also helping students from the AMU for greater opportunities in education and academic training by funding school projects for girls education, mentorship for graduate students, and providing fellowships on merit and need basis.

The theme for this year’s FAAA Annual Convention was ‘Connect and Advance Synergies Between AMU and FAAA’. The Convention was held in Phoenix, AZ (May 13-15, 2016). Please visit the Convention Website for details. Several dignitaries attended the convention.  AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt. General (Retd.) Zameeruddin Shah took time to address the delegates from AMU via videoconferencing and appealed to the alumni and well-wishers to continue to payback to the Alma Mater. 


FAAA invites and is eager to work with individuals and organizations who believe in Aligarh Movement started by our Founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan over 150 years ago. Volunteer your time and resources with the Federation. Our alma mater needs us. Volunteer and guide, donate, mentor in your field of expertise. We are poised to play more active roles in supporting the alma mater, alumni and well-wishers.  I request all alumni and well-wishers wherever they are, to come together and form organizations to do constructive work under the banner of their local AMU alumni associations.  As we increase our member organizations we will have a bigger voice and will do more to benefit students, faculty, AMU administration, fellow alumni and well-wishers.

Let continue to work together to advance Sir Syed Ahmad Kahn’s vision of advancing modern education.

Faisal Saleem


Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations