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Short term project approved & started by FAAA:



28th August 2014

Dear Friends: Greetings.

The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Association (FAAA), in partnership with Aligs, well-wishers, member associations and Vision-Aid, USA is excited to offer a Laptop/iPhone donation program.

Please bring an old or used (but working) PC or Mac laptop or a working tablet/iPhone to your local Mushaira event and let a visually impaired student at the Ahmadi School for the Blind, AMU, India, benefit from your device. The blind use computers to access programs and information just like anyone else. They just use special Text-to-speech software.

Please just make sure that the laptop or tablet/iPhone IS IN WORKING CONDITION and NO MORE THAN FIVE YEARS OLD, and includes the power/charging cord. If we get enough volunteers, we will have them available at the Mushaira or any other Association event. They will clean the hard drive and install new OS and special ‘talking’ software and make sure it gets into the hands of a visually impaired student in India.

The FAAA or your association will issue a tax deductible receipt for this donation. We are also looking for volunteers who can help to transport such laptops or devices to Aligarh, India on their next trip, and would gladly welcome any volunteers who can help in this regard.

We are reaching out to all our well-wishers, member associations and aligs to help us in this regard. If you can kindly allocate a volunteer to collect the laptops and any other device as mentioned above, we will arrange to have them either cleaned on site or brought to our central location and have them cleaned, packed and shipped to India. If the association is not having any program in the near future, please connect with the Executives of your Association who will help you with more details or you can call me at 973-220-2713. We expect to send these laptops before year end. Please act now.

For any questions, please reach out to us.

Best Wishes,

Syed Ali Rizvi, Member-Board of Trustees


  1. Projects approved by the FAAA. Short term project initiated by FAAA.1. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Digitization Project:Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, The father of Aligarh , and the greatest reformer of modern times, spread his message through regular publications like Aligarh Gazette, Tehzibul-Akhlaq and hundreds of books and articles. This project will make available all historical literature written by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, many important books written on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, “Aligarh Movement”, history of Aligarh , and Biographies of important Aligarians. Unfortunately most Aligarians, let alone most Muslims or Non-Muslims, are not fully aware of his teachings or simply do not have access to the material. A physical library regardless of the location, in this day and age, has limited use. This material will be freely made accessible at a new web site “”.Scope of the Project  
    1. For historical purpose, digitize original publications such as Tehzibul Akhlaq, Aligarh Institute Gazette, .Scientific Society, Mohammedan Educational Conference
    2. Digitize several dozens books and hundreds of articles written by Sir Syed
    3. Digitize original letter to and from Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
    4. Digitize all important books written on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan including “Hayat-e-Jawaid” and biographies of important Aligarians.
    5. Digitize all available historical pictures related to Aligarh Movement, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, and his companions.
    6. Many important articles and books are not well preserved and not suitable for digitization.     Some books were published in old-type fonts that are very hard to read. All of this material should be re-typed, published, and then digitized.

    Project Logistics

    I have acquired many books over the years that can be used for digitization in San Antonio , Texas . However, most of relevant material is with Maulana Azad Library, Sir Syed Academy and some in private hands. Therefore, this work must be done at Aligarh . No books will be shipped or removed from their original location to prevent damage or loss.

    We are looking at >175 years of history as relates to Aligarh and Muslims. This is a herculean task, given the facts that there are >100,000 pages that must be digitized, archived, prepared for publication on-line. I have researched the cutting-edge, automated or semi-automated, robotic digitizers that can virtually take most books and produced high quality images (10 mega pixels or more) and produced a desired output (pdf, tiff, giff or jpeg). Most high end machines will have automated page flipping and may achieve speeds or 30-100 pages per minute. These raw images must be manually cleaned-up for proper viewing and publication on the web. High-end, automated digitizer cost US$100,000-$150,000 and requires lots of sophistication. This may be ill-suited for Aligarh , service and repair may be too expensive or simply not available. I believe that a semi-automated (no automated page-flipping) is well-suited for this project. Cost of the machine is relatively inexpensive.

    Prof. PK. Abdul Azis, Vice-chancellor AMU, Maulana Azad library, and Sir Syed Academy has offered full cooperation. I am in touch with proper authorities or individuals to coordinate our activities.


    Raise at least $50,000 for the digitization project. The money will be used to buy high quality scanning equipment, computers, digitization, software, content development, website construction, storage and high-band width for the huge amount (100s of gigs per day transfer) to allow login and viewing of large number of users worldwide. Significant money will be used to re-type 100s of books and articles that are not suitable for publication or digitization due to the poor quality of the original content.

    Time Frame: approx. 12-18 months.

    List of Scholarly work by Sir Syed for digitization (Available)

    Books Available at SSS, MAL or Personal Resources: Total # ~80 including sub-volumes.

    Title Location Year #Pages Language
    Address and Speeches MAO College 1875-1919 MAL/AU
    Ahkam Tu’am Ahl-Kitab MAL 1868 u
    A’in-e-Akbari of Abul Fazal Allami (Edition with Illustration) MAL
    Al-Du’a Wa’l Istajaba MAL 1892 u
    Aligarh Institute Gazette MAL
    Al-Khutbat al-Ahmadiya fi’l Arab wa’I Sirat al-Muhammadiya MAL 1869
    Al-Khutbat al-Ahmadiya fi’l Arab wa’I Sirat al-Muhammadiya, English Translation MAL London
    An Account of the Loyal Muhammadans of India , Parts I, II, III MAL 1860
    Asar-us-Sanadid,vol 1 MAL/MA 1846-47 400 u
    Asar-us-Sanadid,vol 2 MAL/MA 1846-47 310 u
    Asar-us-Sanadid,vol 3 MAL/MA 1846-47 428 u
    Asbab Baghawat-e-Hind MAL/AU 1858 u
    Asbab Baghawat-e-Hind, English edition, MAL/AU E
    By-Laws of the Scientific Society MAL
    Haqeeqatus-Saher MAL/AU u
    History of Bijnor Rebellion, Eng Traslation MAL/MA 1982 221 e
    Ik Nadan Khuda Parast aur Dana Dunyadar Ki Kahani MAL 1910
    Izalatul Ghain – An Zulqarnain MAL/AU 1889 u
    Jam-i-Jum Akbarabad MAL 1940
    Jawab-e-Ummahatul Momeneen MAL/AU u
    Kalamat-ul-Haqq MAL
    Khalaqal-Insaan Ali Maa Fil-Quran MAL/AU 1892 u
    Khutbat-e-Ahmadia, Fil-Arab wa seeratul Muhammadiya SSA/MA 2003 459 u
    Lecture dar bab targhib wa tahris talim itfal-i-Musalmanan, in 1895 SSA 1896
    Lecture Ijlas Dahum Muhammadan Educational Conference MAL 1896
    Lecture Indian National Congress Madras par MAL 1887
    Lecture Madrasaat ul-Ulum Aligarh Key Tarikhi halat aur jadid Waqi’at Par SSA 1896
    Lecture Muta’liq Ijlas Yazdahum Muhammadan Educational Conference ssa 1896
    Letters to and from Sir Syed Ahmad Khan MAL/MA 1993 387 e
    Maktubat-i-Sir Syed-vol 1 MAL/MA 1959 536 u
    Maktubat-i-Sir Syed-vol 2 MAL/MA 1959 472 u
    Maqalaat-e-Sir Syed MAL/AU u
    Marsia MAL/AU
    Mazaameen-e-Sir Syed AU  u
    Muntakhib-Mazameen-Sir Syed SSA/MA 1988 216 u
    Musalmanon ki qismat ka faisla (taqarir-e-Syed Ahmad Khan wa Syed       Mehdi Ali Khan etc.) MAL 1894
    Nuskha-e-Sarfe Urdu AU  u
    On Hunter’s:Our Indian Mussulmans’ MAL 1872
    Present State of Indian Politics (consisting of lectures and speeches) MAL 1888
    Proceedings of the Scientific Society MAL
    Qaul-i-Matin dar Ibtal-i-Harkat i Zamin MAL 1848
    Rah-i-Sunnat dar rad-i-bid’at MAL 1883
    Risala Ibtal-i-Ghulami MAL 1893
    Sarkashi Zilla Binjor MAL 1858
    Selected Essays of Sir Syed-Vol I MAL/MA 2004 194 e
    Silsilat-ul-Muluk, Ashraf ul Mataba MAL 1852
    Sir Syed Lectures and Speeches – Part I AU  u
    Sir Syed Lectures and Speeches – Part II AU u
    Sirat-i-Faridiya MAL 1896
    Sir Syed Souvenir AU
    TAHZEEBUL AKHLAQ, Sir Syed aur danish Gahe Aligarh (100th anniversary number) MA 1998 U 340
    Tabyin-ul-Kalam fi Tafsir-al-turat-wa’l Injil ala Mullat-al-Islam (TheMohomedan Commentary on the Holy Bible MAL
    Tafsir al-Jinn Wa’l Jan ala ma fi al-Qur’an, Rahmani Press MAL 1893
    Tafsir-ul-Qura’n Vol. I MAL 1880
    Tafsir-ul-Qura’n Vol. II MAL/AU 1882
    Tafsir-ul-Qura’n Vol. III MAL 1885
    Tafsir-ul-Qura’n Vol. IV MAL 1888
    Tafsir-ul-Qura’n Vol. VI MAL 1895
    Tafsir-ul-Qura’n Vol. VII MAL 1904
    Tahrir fi Usul al-Tafsir MAL 1892
    Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq MAL
    Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi of Ziauddin Barni (Edition), Asiatic Society MAL 1862
    Tarqim fi qisa ashab al-kahf wal-Raqim MAL 1889
    Tasanif-i-Ahmadiya (Collection of Syed Ahmad Khan’s works on religions topics) in 8 parts MAL
    Tashil fi Jar-a-Saqil MAL 1844
    The causes of Indian revolt (1858)-english translation 1873 (Frank robinson commentary in 2000) MA 1873  65  u
    Tuhfa-i-Hasan MAL 1883
    Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri (edition Aligarh ) MAL 1864
    Zila al-Qulub ba Zikr al-Mahbub MAL 1843 u
    Location: MAL=Maulan Azad Library; SSA= Sir Syed Academy ; MA=Masarrat Ali; Au=Afzal Usmani


    List of Scholarly work by Sir Syed for digitization (NOT Available) ~20-25 books

    Title Location Year Language
    Act No. 10 (Stamp Act) 1862 na 1862 u
    Act No. 14 (Limitation Act) 1859-1864 Allygurh, 1864 na 1859-1864 u
    Act No. 16 (Regarding registration of documents) na 1864 u
    Al-Nazar Fi Ba’z Masa’il Imam Al-Ghazzali na u
    Iltimas be Khidmat Sakinan-i-Hindustan dar bad tarraqi ta’ lim ahl-i. Hind na 1863
    Kimiya-i-Sa’dat, 2 fasl ns 1883 u
    Lectures on the Act XVI of 1864, delivered on the 4th Dec., 1864 for the Scientific Society na 1864
    Majmu’a Resolution Haye dah sala (Resolutions passed by the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental Educational Conference from 1886 to1895) na 1896
    Mata-i-Sultani na 1852
    Mazumm ba nisbat tanazzul ulum-i-diniya wa Arabiya wa falsafa-i-Yunaniya na 1857
    Namiqa fi Bayan Mas’ala Tasawwur al-Shaikh na 1883
    On the Use of the Sector, Syed-ul-Akbar ns 1846
    Proceedings of the Muhammadans Educational Conference ns
    Report Salana (Annual Report of the Boarding House of Madrasat-ul-Ulum 1879-1880). ns 1879-80
    Risala ho wal Mojud ns 1880
    Risala Tahqiq Lafzi-i-Nassara na 1860
    Syed-ul-Akhbar ns 1847
    Tafsir-a-Samawat na
    Tarjama fawa’id al-afkar fi amal al-farjar ns 1846
    Tasfiyad al’Aquid (Being the correspondence between Syed Ahmad Khan and Maulana Muhammad Qasim of Deobund ns

    Please contact Dr. Ali, if you have copies of the books that are on NOT AVAILABLE LIST. 

    Sir Syed Memorabilia

    If you have original letters or copies of letters or pictures related to the Sir Syed then please contact Dr. Ali.  We would like to include these historical documents as well.

    Masarrat Ali, Ph.D.
    San Antonio , TX , USA
    President FAAA