President’s Message

Dear Aligs, Well-Wishers and Friends, The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations (FAAA) is an apex organization, whose membership comprises of not only independently managed AMU alumni associations in various parts of North America, but also those organizations that believe in the mission and vision of sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the…

New Projects

Short term project approved & started by FAAA: LAPTOP DONATION PROGRAM DONATE YOUR USED LAPTOP, IPHONE/TABLET TO A VISUALLY IMPAIRED STUDENT AT AMU 28th August 2014 Dear Friends: Greetings. The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Association (FAAA), in partnership with Aligs, well-wishers, member associations and Vision-Aid, USA is excited to offer…


Current Project:

Summer University Previous Summer University Sessions : Summer University: First Session (2000) Summer University: Second Session (2000) Summer University: Third Session (2001) Summer University: Fourth Session (2002) Summer University: Fifth Session (2003) Feedback on Summer University


Completed Projects

Projects Completed in 2007 The federation has provided 78 new books to the library. There are three halls of residence for girls, Abdullah Hall, Sarojni Naidu Hall and Indira Gandhi Hall. These halls need immediate Internet access, particularly for students with professional courses like Engineering, Medicine, Law and Management etc….


Convention 2014

Date: June 20-22, 2014 Downloads Form Location:Holiday Inn, Elk Grove 1000 Busse Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Hosted by:Hosted by AMU Alumni Association of Greater Chicago Type of registration: Single (US $179 until June 07, 2014, $199 on-site)Couple (US $340 until June 07, 2014, $380 on-site) Child, 5-12…


“SCHOLARSHIPS available from around the World“ Aligarh Alumni’s Scholarships Scholarship Common Form Application Forms can be downloaded from the Federation’s Website ( 1. AMU Alumni Association, Australia (open to all, about 30 Scholarships) 2. AMU Alumni Association, California (open to all, about 150 Scholarships) 3. The Aligarh Alumni Association Washington…

Our Vision

“To Carry Forward the Aligarh Movement for the Betterment of Our Communities“ About US: The federation is a non-profit, secular, non-partisan, and non-political organization serving Educational, Social, Literary and Cultural needs of the Community. Role of the Federation Act as a facilitator and coordinator of activities and programs of mutual interest…



Birmingham Dr. M. Abu Khalid President Dr. Mashkoor Choudhry Secretary 205-733-8063 Dr. Nabiha Yousuf Treasurer 205-382-1099 Siraj Muzaffar Councilor 205-223-8668