Completed Projects

Projects Completed in 2007

The federation has provided 78 new books to the library.

There are three halls of residence for girls, Abdullah Hall, Sarojni Naidu Hall and Indira Gandhi Hall. These halls need immediate Internet access, particularly for students with professional courses like Engineering, Medicine, Law and Management etc. It is therefore important that the girls have Internet access in their halls or hostels. The Federation has installed five computers each in IG and SN Hall with internet service. This facility is available to all students of the respective halls free of cost.

Books Moulana Azad Library

The federation has provided 78 new books to the library.

Polio Eradication Project

Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations has donated US $ 10, 960 (~443,600 rupees) to AMU based Polio eradication project, which is also supported by UNICEF and recipient of the Carter Center Recognition Award. Dr. Shadab Khurshid, director of this program will be able to organize 10 camps in UP for roughly Rs. 50,000 per camp. Most of the children who are receiving polio vaccination are from poor families