Dear All:   ASAK
As informed earlier through the election notice, the closing date for all nominations for positions of a member of the Board of Trustees, President-elect, Secretary-elect and Treasurer-elect was June 1, 2015, and I have received the following nominations by the end of the closing date:
Member Board of Trustees –  Dr. Tahir Hussain,     Nominated by Mr. Syed Perwaiz Jafri and Seconded by Dr. Shaheer H. Khan
President-elect – Mr. Faisal Saleem,    Nominated by Dr. Habib A. Zuberi and Seconded by Dr. Sadia Chagtai
Secretary-elect – Mr. Suhail Agwani,    Nominated by Dr. Shaheer H. Khan and Seconded by Mr. Syed Perwaiz Jafri
Treasurer-elect – Mr. Irfan Jafri,    Nominated by Mr. Faisal Saleem and Seconded by Mr. Syed Perwaiz Jafri
Mr. Syed Ali Rizvi has assumed the position of the Chairmanship of the Board of Trustees after Dr. Habib A Zuberi completed his term.
Since there is only one nomination for each of the vacant positions, the above are declared elected unanimously to their respective positions. My best wishes to them for accepting the leadership of the Federation and being elected to their respective positions. I also thank them for accepting the responsibility to move the Federation to its new heights.
The Federation records have been transferred to the new President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman, BOT on June 14, 2015 at the Convention and the above office-bearers will start their term effective June 12, 2015.
With Best wishes and regards,
M. Umar Farooq
Election Officer

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